COVID-19 Update We want you to feel safe during this season. Here's what we are doing to help with that. Click Here


We're looking out for you!

Ways We Are Staying Safe

It has been such a blessing to be back in person with all of you! Here’s a quick update on the measures we’re continuing to take to keep everyone safe and healthy:


To continue following social distancing guidelines, we have different colored buttons available to wear during service! Each colored button means something a little different:

Red Buttons: You are practicing social distancing. People will refrain from hugs and handshakes, and will respect your personal bubble!

Green Buttons: You are not practicing social distancing. You are open to hugs, handshakes, high-fives, etc.!

We hope that this will continue to be an excellent solution to interact with each other, while still respecting the boundaries of those of you who are not yet comfortable interacting with others!


Coffee is back on Sunday mornings! We have a designated volunteer serving coffee, and we have individual creamers and sugars for you to add!

Kid’s Ministry

Our Foothills Kids (Ages 0-5) has resumed meeting if you want your kiddo to have their own environment to attend! We are currently working on a plan on restarting our Elevate Kids (Ages 6-11) ministry. We will continue to keep you updated on that! For now, your kiddos are welcome in the service with you!


You are free to wear a mask and take precautions if you feel you need to! Our ministry team members are also wearing masks when they pray for people during worship!


We want to keep everyone as safe as possible, and frequent sanitizing has been a big part of that. Some of our amazing volunteers have been so helpful as a part of our sanitizing crew. They have been sanitizing pews, door handles, and anything that needs it both before and after every service.

Streaming Online

For those who do not feel comfortable coming in person for service, we will be continuing to live stream our services on our Facebook page and now on our website.